Volunteer Recruit - Hong Kong Lacrosse Open 2019

Since 2012 the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open has become one of Asia’s most competitive tournaments for club and national teams in the Asia-Pacific region. Join us as a volunteer to make this tournament greater together!

We will provide a volunteer tshirt, free meal and a certificate for all the volunteers!

If you are already a member of HKLA, login to your account then sign up here, to reduce the time for filling out your personal information!

or just simply sign up on hklaxopen.org > Recruit


1) Crowd controls
- Identify people with different wristband and make sure they enter the appropriate area
- Make sure to guide the attendants to enter the correct venues
- Maintain the ground rule

2) Bench officials
- Prepare Scoresheet & Timers
- Count game time and penalty time
- Record goals , fouls and assists
- Player of the Game Nominations (ask Referees)
- Collect scoresheet and give it back to HKLA staff

3) Field attendants
- Event set up
- Prepare the game equipment are ready before and after the game
- Manage the drinks & ice are enough for the day

4) HKLA Booths attendant
- Event set up
- Sell Merchandise
- Decorate Venue for Social Gathering
- Arrange the Social Gathering
- Enquiry

5) Entrance greeter
- Greet Teams, VIP & Spectators to the field
- Distribute tickets
- Register for media
- Enquiry

6) Youth Festival (HKIS) Helper
- Equipment set up for the kid festival
- Operate the games during the day

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